Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas. Are you ready?

So are you ready for Christmas?

What does that mean? Ready for Christmas? Is it going to attack us? Will we be getting a jet plane ride? Is someone coming? Ready for what? OOOH do they mean did you shop and buy gifts for people, did you put up light? Are you just now sitting on your couch WAITING for IT to happen?

Um no.

I don't think ANYONE just sits around waiting for Christmas to HAPPEN to us. You might THINK your done, but your not. Every single person I know and you are one of them, ends up doing that LAST minute THING. We are just busy trying to pack A-Z into one month and here is some of mine.

What happens in December is:

Avent Calendar ( I made my own this year )
Candy Cane Reindeer making
Decorating house, in and out
Elfing (secret santa stuff)
Frockling in the snow (we are going to try Tobogganing this year)
Games with friends
Holiday Carols
Igloo making ( we use mini marshmallows )
Jesus talks ( why do we have Christmas )
List making
Making crafts
Newsletter writing ( I only did one page -time restraint )
Ornament fixing (with toddlers they tend to fall or break )
Present buying
Quiet nights with family by the fire
Railway Christmas rides
Santa sitting
Tree lighting
Uniforms for Christmas concert
Xmas card sending
Yule log burning
Z -Sleeping from the Christmas Coma

Um, Ready for Christmas? I'll let you know when I breathe.

It's a lot of work...And I'll do it again next year. Ya know why?

For moments when my boys play Santa and make a sleigh. When my boys sing Christmas songs in the back seat and ask for them again. For when my boys go to Christmas plays and visit friends.

 When everyone smiles a little more. Everyone is a bit nicer. People open doors for moms, children, and elderly. I will do it again to see the food bank boxes fill up. The wealthy families giving a little bit more to the needy families.

I'll face the malls, the lines, the crying, the whining, the tired and long night of working on that one more little extra thing I wanted to give just to watch my children's eyes light up when they see a Christams display. When my 5 year old gives the librarian and card and whispers to me, "mom, we did it! We did a random act of kind."

Ready for Christmas? I'm IN it! And I'm going to enjoy every minute.