Saturday, November 7, 2015

30 Ideas for Romantic Married Life

It's been a long time since I blogged. This year has been tougher than before and yet also the most hopeful and rewarding year. We lost our grandpa. My husband's father. My father in law. It was a long struggle health wise for him this year and he went in his sleep and peacefully without pain. We are grateful for his spirit in our lives over the years and he will be missed. He had many around him that loved him very much on his last days.

This all got me thinking about love and the importance of showing love. We all love people, some even love us back. Many of us have busy lives and it makes it harder for us to take the time to express our love. Ok I have a busy life and often will forget the small stuff. As I'm running the home and taking care of the children and working towards my degree, I have a difficult time with balance. Forgetting people's birthday cards, or not having time to make that special gift for the person who was weighing heavy on your mind. I find it especially hard to find time to be romantic with my husband. We are busy running the house and helping children, some days it feels like roommates and now so much lovers. So I decided to come up with a  nice easy list to find little ways to enhance your relationship.

Feel free to add your ideas on how to do slide in romance into your everyday life in-between.

1. Bring home flowers - easy, can be cheap if your in season.

2. Make coffee for the other, this is especially good if you don't drink it yourself

3. Leave a note on the laundry your other just folded - leave a flower, a thank you, anything.

4. Leave a note on bathroom mirror, nice foggy mirror or a post it with words of love. ex "your beautiful, your amazing, I know your going to have a great day!"

5. Text a funny face picture to them - or sexy pic, or send an email throughout the workday.

6. Plan a date night, organize a sitter and let them know so they can look forward to it.

7. Arrive home with their favourite take out

8. Plan a date night for them and their friends - let them have that night out without you.

9. Do the unexpected - fix that old broken door handle and tell them about it,

10. Serve dinner somewhere unexpected - the attic, outdoors, the living room - add candles for romance, even if the little kids are home - have them help. It will still be super special.

11. If possible, deliver a treat basket to their work or a coffee -drop it off yourself.

12. Fill a room with balloons or their car - cause ya awesome.

13. Pay attention to what they circle in a magazine and get it for them -surprise them.

14. Leave notes in their going away suitcase when they leave for business trips. Or a hot pic of yourself.

15. Pre-pay and preplan a dinner out. Pick the restaurant, the food, the wine etc. Arrange the sitter etc. They just show up and enjoy.

16. Go for a walk with your loved one and hold their hand. Say as little as possible, don't talk about bills, what needs fixing, the kids, just shuddup and hold your honey's hand.

17. Draw them a bath - not with a pencil, fill it candles, Epson salts, and their favourite music.

18. Make them a song, or play a DVD with their favourite song on it, let them know your dedicating the song to them.

19. A tender kiss -  Gently kiss the top of each closed eyelid of your beloved before planting a kiss on his/her mouth with the merest touch of your lips.

20. Breakfast in bed - get the kids to help

21. Cuddle in the morning, even if it's just throwing the snooze button. Be naked and cuddle

22. Send them something in the mail - a letter, a package, anything.

23. Take care of something your partner usually does - finish a chore they started, clean up before they wake up - if you don't normally do it - take some time off in morning to get the kids to school -your partner and your kids will be so excited about this little thing you do.

24. Change your morning alarm to a romantic song and let your lover know you did it for them.

25. Roll over in the morning and whisper something sweet in their ear like - I know you'll have a fantastic day - or I'll be thinking of your hands on me all day long.

26. Here is an idea that kids can help with and they will love it too. It is excellent as a romantic surprise idea too. Make a String Maze for your mate to find a small gift or token you have made or bought for them. You will need a ball of yarn or string. If the gift is small enough, start by winding the end of the string or yarn around it. Starting at the gift, unwind it all over your house (and yard, weather permitting) over and under and all around (Sh-h-h-h-h!) until it eventually leads to your sweetheart. They must follow the string (winding it up as they go) until they get to the end and the gift. This is especially fun in the morning before work.

27. Tell them what you appreciate about them - do it often!

28. Ask them to share their passion with you. If they have a hobby ask to see what they are doing and then shuddup and listen, ask questions and stay focused.

30. Have a tech free day - no cell phones, no TV's, no computers, just family time. We have rule in our home, you can't touch your phone in the morning before you touch each other! Go swimming, go for walks, just have a picnic in the living room and plays some games. Being together is my favourite gift.

Even if you do one of theses a month, you will find your life will become a bit more romantic, a lot more fun. Feel free to share your ideas or if you tried one of these and how it turned out.