Monday, May 30, 2011

New Baby

We are having our baby tomorrow at 7:30am. I am so excited to find out what the gender is. Daddy is excited and I am anxious... can't wait to hold this new baby in my arms and just stare at it. I remember not sleeping and watching Geran all night long. I hope I can sleep a bit with this one.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Smart Babies

Nothing better than seeing my 23 month old waiting inside the truck for me to go and grab his diaper bag, only to see him signing "MILK PLEASE" through the window on my way. His way of making sure I don't forget his milk bottle on my way back. Oh my, how smart are they?


Friday, May 27, 2011

One Day at a Time.

In the last week, I was contacted by the Langley Developmental Society and Down Syndrome Society, a radio talk show and I feel a bit overwhelmed. I am so excited about the new contacts, but I feel unprepared at this time, as I am about to have a new baby next Tuesday.

How do working mothers do it? I am so in awe of the working mother that makes it look 'easy' to run a business and manage the home while raising her perfect children.

I wonder if any at home working dads find it a challenge, or if it is only use mother's that put so much on ourselves?

I just finished my last Baby Signs Class before taking a short leave and I have parents asking when I am resuming classes and they want MORE MORE MORE.

Which makes me excited as I want to GIVE GIVE GIVE... but I have to be careful, not to GIVE all of me away.... must save some energy for my family... my number one priority.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby signing

Check out this video of a baby signing. If you don't believe that babies are smart and know what going on around them, watch this.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Signing and ADHD

My older son has ADHD with a myriad of other learning disabilities and broken executive skills. I found that visuals along with signing helped up cope throughout the years. Especially at school, as a teacher assistant, I have seen many boys who rely heavy on visual and signing supports. Children who live with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, have a difficult time trying to concentrating on following directions. If given a list of exercises at school or chores at home, they tend to hear the first or last instruction only and the middle get lost in translation.
Having these tasks in picture form on a list, help them to refer back to the list without disruption to those around them or fighting with parents about expectations. Signing from across a classroom with slight gestures, help these children stay focused without being reprimanded in public. This is especially helpful in a quiet learning environment. They see and hear everything around them, so anything to keep them on task, is helpful.

Signing is also another way for the fidgeting fingers to find something productive and fun to do while learning. Most children with ADHD tend to like learning new ideas through a game. They are also very smart and catch onto ideas quickly. Signing can keep this distractable guy on track.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunny days, new signs

Finally the sun has come out to play. With that in mind, let's take advantage of the nice weather and learn some PARK signs. Great first words for babies to learn while outside playing are:


Here is a video link to the sign WATER:

There are tons of fun songs and rhymes you can practice and sing with your baby.

One Little FLOWER, One Little Bee
One little FLOWER, one little bee.
One little blue bird, high in the TREE.
One little brown bear smiling at me.
One is the number I like,
you see.

You can look up (ASL dictionary) and sign the words I put in CAPS to practice.

Happy signing!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Invisible Learning

It's hard to sell new parents on signing to their babies, if they have never been introduced to this idea. The benefits of signing will be unseen to them, if they never tried it. They may go along and 'guess' at what their babies needs are. They will try to 'interpret' what their babies is sharing with them. They will sit and watch their 'toddlers' have meltdowns and may have a vague idea of why, but not fully know what is going on in their little minds.

Why do parents feel they have to suffer through the first few years not understanding what they baby needs and wants are? It may take a few weeks or months, but when your baby starts to sign with you, and you begin to build this incredible relationship; you will be pleasantly surprised how much more balanced, peaceful and fun parenting can be with only a few signs to support you.

Some great reads are Baby Signs, Baby Hearts and Baby Minds by Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn.
The founders of The Baby Signs Program. They have done over 25 years of extensive research on the effects of signing with your baby.

Not only does signing with your baby take the guesswork out of knowing what your baby wants, it will build a closer bond between you and your child. It will increase their IQ for years to come. Signing also allows babies to share their minds and show you how smart they really are. Even as young as a 6 month old baby can tell you when they want 'MORE MILK' or when they are 'DONE' being tickled.

Do yourself a favour and read up on the benefits of signing with your baby today!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sick mothers

I've been sick and I want to know who it was that said mothers can't be sick. It is so true and so unfair. We work our butts off with the kids, house, hubby, friends, family etc... and then we get sick... well life doesn't just stop and wait for us to get better.

The laundry still piles up, the dishes still accumulate, the dogs and kids need feeding and attention and of course there's no one around to help you... so we march on and on.

I am using the sign ALL DONE today for sure!

On a sweet note, Geran still signs,even though he talks non stop. At the end of this favourite book of his, "That's Good, That's Bad," Geran always signs the word LOVE when the grandma loves and hugs her little grandson. He says love too, but always, always signs it. I hope he never looses his zest for expression and signing.

Friday, May 13, 2011


What kind of mother's would we have without our girlfriends. If you are one of us, then you realize without your sister, mother, best friend, whoever your Girl is... you realize that you couldn't be the great mom you are without them. I am extreemly blessed to have such great women in my life and I believe they make me a better mother. With their support, energy and understanding of my every mood and whim, I am balanced and at peace so that I can be strong, peaceful and ready for anything with my children.

So thank you my many girlfriends... in the form of friends, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, mothers in all forms... I am blessed to know you.

Tonight my girlfriends gave me a pedicure and painting my pregnant belly and then took pictures. They made me feel special and part of a great club of special women.

To all those women out there who has done something special for another women, your gift never goes unnoticed.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Take Action Today

Check out the following website:

Save a life, donate your phone.

"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others is immortal." ~Albert Pine

I think it's important when you make snap decisions each day as many of us do. Decisions in business, personal, as a parent, as a lover, partner, child, or adult, theses decisions define who we are in character.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Interesting enough, when I took a writing course at UFV, we received an assignment about gender stereotyping. It hit home to one particular mom in our class. Her son loves to dress up, wear jewelry, play with dolls etc... She was hard pressed to find a doll house that wasn't pink, dress up clothes for boys, and boy dolls. I remember how frustrated and hurt she was when a friend of hers was horrified that this mom would allow her son to play with dolls, wear jewelry etc...

My own son, at 22months, loves to dress up, wear high heals, my jewelry and he loves to play with dolls. He has a couple girl dolls at home, a crib for them and a kitchen set. He loves to cook with daddy and dance around in my jewelry to bubbles. I find no harm in this. Luckily I have a supportive husband who isn't worried about our son's exploration. In fact, do we not want to raise sensitive, confident fathers, who can cook! And hey, if they can pick out some nice jewelry for us too, then great!

Geran also loves to throw footballs, ride and climb and slide at the park, play with his fire engine. He drums, plays the piano, guitar and kicks soccer balls. I don't know who my son will become, but I know who he is now, and I wouldn't change him for the world.

His signing has made his communication so amazing for his age. He is recognizing so many letters already and reading small words like cat, dog and turtle. He still uses his sign for clarification, which is helpful to me. When he is chatting up a story, he uses his signs and I can figure out what he is on about. Like tonight, daddy was telling stories and then it was Geran's turn. He signed helicopter, tree, birds, and was saying, "fly, daddy, mommy, mountain." It was cute, he was copying daddy's story from earlier. I love that he can tell stories and express himself with sign language and some words.

That's all for now.