Thursday, August 27, 2015

Think on these things

Questions I have for myself as a parent..

What do we need to teach our young ones besides the ABC's?

Some things to think on. Did your parents teach you some essential life skills to be able to be a functioning, healthy, happy adult?

Some things specialists believe all children need to learn and many are not learning...

Children need to:

1. Need to be aware. Awareness is the key to relationship, social, personal health, problem solving, and communication.

2. Spiritual curiosity and growth. What is their life purpose. They have special gifts and limitations. Are you encouraging their gifts and attributes.

3. Personality. What is your personality, how is composed. Who is your true self?

4. Learn how to earn and keep self respect. Learn self esteem.

5. Tolerance. To build tolerance despite differences.

6. Encourage to identify their emotions and see them all as useful. Be able to use their emotions as guide posts to measure what I need right now. Use it as a guidance system.

7. Make use of guilt. Learn the root of it and how to deal with it and what it means. Learn how to differentiate between anger and frustration. They are different. Help accepting emotions as useful and how to use them.

7. Need to learn how to communicate and problem solve personally and socially. There are about 7 communication skills.

8. Learn how to grieve. They need to learn the 3 levels of grief and the fases of grief. We need to be able to grieve to have an understanding and how to see the process of bonding.

These are just some questions I have read about and wondered, how can I teach my children these things on a daily basis? Feel free to add your comments and ideas on how you are accomplishing this with your kids.