Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Baby Nash

Well we now have a name to our baby... Born May 31st at 8:09am baby Nashville Jeffrey Minchau was born at 9lbs 4oz and was healthy as was mommy.

Life has been busy in the last two weeks with lots of visitors and guests and family staying with us. My little boy Geran has adjusted very well to the new baby, showing love and kisses only to baby Nash. He looks for baby each morning and asks to hold him at least once a day.

I am excited about my new journey with my two boys... Geran is already teaching baby Nash the sign for MILK. I can't wait to witness how signing will influence the new baby with Geran's extensive vocabulary.

He is still 1 years old and knows the entire alphebet including how to recognize them on billboards, paper, tv, books. He even tells me a word that each letter starts... like D is for dog. He can count to 10 and recogizes his numbers as well. Signing has boosted his literacy abilities and I expect the same for Nash.

So exciting!

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