Monday, September 3, 2012

Sept. 2012 Home School Photos

Since tomorrow is the first day of public school I thought it fitting to start home schooling my boys now. I have no plan, no idea what I am doing yet, but I plan on stealing ideas and researching information from other successful home school parents. If you are one of these, please feel free to give me tips, ideas, comment and support.

I did connect with a few moms and a homeschooling group for the lowermainland to start. So I figure the first step is to find others who are already doing this and see what I need to do for my boys with their ages. I didn't think I was going to start home schooling until age 5, but after reading and connecting with other parents on Facebook, I discovered many start very young, as young as 6 months old for home schooling.

So I decided my 3 year old should probably start and why not my 14 month old too?

I'll keep you posted on how this journey goes and where it takes me. I hope.

Here is their first Home School Picture day!

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