Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5 ways to help the WAHM (work at home mom)

If your a stay at home mom like me who is trying to run their own business and juggle it all... today I give you 5 great ideas on how to stay afloat. I write this on the same day I wrote... "I chose to be a stay at home mom, not a stay at home maid." It was a harder day today for me. I write to inspire not only you but also myself.

1. Priorities

Being a parent and business owner is all about choices and priorities. For myself, it's important to homeschool my boys and their education comes before chores, blogging, and even my business. Make a list of your 'wanted priorities' and then number them from important to not so important. If you have 10 things, try to scale your priority list back to 5 in a day. Be realistic with your time.

2. Communication & Boundaries:

This means communication and boundaries with your partner, spouse, children, employees and anyone else who will be affected by your business hours and location of your office (especially one in your home). Make sure it's very clear what your office is for, and what it isn't for. Communicate or display your schedule include days off.

One way I communicate with my hubby is we have a shared Google Calendar. (if you haven't already, research this - great benefits) I am able to post tasks on his calender and share my schedule with him, so we don't overlap.

3. Technology

Smartphones are changing the face of business - for good. If you are a mom with a business, it's almost critical you have one. Having access to important email and information gives you peace of mind when you are out and away from your laptop. It even gives you an opportunity to get away from the laptop entirely!

Be careful your not always on it. If you have ever sat across someone out for dinner and experienced being ignored due to their incessant cell phone action, you'll know what I'm talking about. Just like everything else use technology to benefit your business, not overwhelm it.

4. Make Your Office Tidy and Accessible

If your not comfortable in your space, you'll find your space reaching the other areas of your home. Papers in the kitchen, notes in the bathroom, piles on the floor.

Great organization help:

5. Fuel up

Who's the owner? Who's in charge? Who needs a recharge? YOU!

Date your spouse, see your friends, take a bath, massage, yoga class, exersises, eat well, sleep 8 hours. A more well-adjusted parent and business owner makes a happier family and homelife.

Got any more idea, feel free to share!


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