Friday, May 17, 2013

Stay at home mom. Easy right?

Stay at home mom. Easy right?

Wake up at 11pm to crying 3 year old. Nightmare, pee, water, snuggle, sleep.
Bed again. 4am small body snuggles, "milk? milk?" 2 year old wants to nurse. Adjust, nurse, flip, other side. "Now go to sleep, sun is sleeping!" Pokey legs, roll over mommy again and again, hard head butt, finger in the eye, "Mommy sleeping?" I pretend harder. Finally drift off.

5:30am too many kicks to the ribs, baby back to bed. Carry him off, sleep again.
7:30am wake. Both babies up, running.
3 year old, "All done, mommy, wipe my bum! I don't want those pants, no car shirt!, play cars with me pleeeease!"  brush teeth, wash face, "no wash face!"
2 year old, poopy bum, change, brush teeth, wash faces, finally all dressed, undressed, run away naked! sigh.
(mom still a mess - no time for cars)
Breakfast. Oatmeal from scratch... kinda. Mom, "Up the table!" Babies running off, back at the table, dropping toys, banging spoons, throwing, crashing, laughing. sigh. Oatmeal served "I want milk!"
(mommy, still a mess, trying to make a tea.

Sweet silence of boys eating, tea made. Sit down, take a hot sip. "Done!" 2 boys fly off seats and run off full speed. Messy bowls, messy faces, messy floor, chase down, clean up, sweep, dash around, dishes, floors, chairs, boosters, table. Oh ya, feed fish!

Mommy hungry. (cold tea and still a mess with added oatmeal)
Ok boys playing cars.
"My car, MINE!, Give back, Noooo!~ Mommy, he pulled my hair~" (gentle, share, be nice, talk it out, blah blah blah blah blah)

Mommy attempts to make breakie. Eggs, toast, peanut butter, and another sip of tea. Sit down, breathe, pick up a book to read and eat... 2 year old arrives. "Eggs? Toast? Upie!" Feed the food stealing bird.
Clean up, dump, crash, bang... turn around... dumped bucket of cars, box of stickers on the wall, leggo disaster. Sigh. Clean up song. Everyone joins in.

"Mommy has to teach a Baby Sign Class!" "Nooooooooo!" "Milk! Granola! Snuggle! Play Cars!"
1 hour til class...
Bathroom break for mom, now everyone has to pee! "knock knock knock, mommy?"
Poopy bum, Potty training, peed on floor, out comes cleaners, clean toilet, floor, sink, handles... sigh. makeup.brush hair, snacks prepared, coffee, tea out, last minute clean up, get boys settled. teach a class. "I want in!" "Milk. Granola, Snuggle!"

Now for the fun part....
Moms and babies go home, sitter arrives, about to pack and leave when I hear giggles. Turn around and yes the ENTIRE large bin of oatmeal on the floor. 2 boys 'figure skating through the oatmeal flakes. Flakes in the living room, kitchen, down the halls, bathroom and my bedroom. Sorry sitter, I gotta go! (no time for cars)

Teach at New Beginnings - Parent Workshop. Techi problems. Husband calls, not time to talk. 1 hour later, set up all ready to go. Teach 2 hours to teens, clean up, pack up, drive, wait in Timmies line.

Arrive home.
Walk in door, crying 2 year old with large black and blue bruise from running into the coffee table 1 sec before I came home. Large goose egg bump. "No ice! Owieeee!" Tear stream down both our faces.

Now crying 3 year old, no attention. "Sorry huney baby is hurt." Snuggles, snot, tears, whine, hungry, feed.
3 year old melting down.

OK NOW... Snuggle, love, play cars with both boys. Small fight over mommy's attention. Bathroom break for mom. Come out and found peanut butter toast in my purse. Yummmy. Clean up some more.
Ok... more meltdowns... nap for 3 year old.
Clean up, laundry, dishes, homeschooling for 2 year old, unpack work stuff, write invoices, return phone calls, play with 2 year old. snack for mom? I forget?

3 year old up. Pee, poo, diaper, potty training, oh and more snot.

Dinner, made pizza together. It burnt. Ordered pizza. Boys ate. Messy, messy, messy, floor, walls, chairs, boosters, boys. sigh.

Books, snuggles, pjs', teeth, faces, hands, potty training, more pee on the floor. 2 year old running in and out of room naked and happy. Sigh. 2 year old, "Sing Mull of Kintyre, feed puppy, nurse puppy, I love Cliffard the dog mommy. Snuggle, I love you. Head on pillow mommy. No door close. Stay." Sigh ... so sweet.

Finally 1 asleep... 3 year old next. Snuggles, I love you, songs, stories. breath. 3 year old, "I love you mommy. snuggle with me." So I do. Sigh (in a good way)

Oh did I mention daddy's out of town?

God love my babies and God knows I need a day off.

Hope you had a good laugh. Not everyday is lovely, but everyday is surely funny.


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