Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Picky Lil' Eaters -Their problem, not yours.

Tips on Picky Eaters:

Avoid becoming a short order cook. Many parents make multiple meals during dinner time trying to please everyone. Stop today! It's better to teach children to make their own sandwiches above the age of 4. They will feel far more capable and you avoid a power struggle.

Offer Choices. When they complain simply state, "You can eat what is on the table, or fix your own sandwich. What is your choice?"

Invite Solutions. Invite children to use their thinking and problem solving skills. If they complain about the food then ask, "What do you need to do about that?" Invite them to use their power in positive ways instead of engaging in power struggles. Children love to feel capable.

Share Tasks. Prevent problems by having them be part of the planning and cooking. Use the small grocery cart for them to push and gather food on the list. When they want something that isnt' on the list simply say, "That isn't on the list." Say nothing more, don't engage into a big fight, just move on and keep shopping.

Let children help. Decide together what night they may want to cook with you. They are more likely to eat what they helped cook and be more cooperative when they are involved in the planning and executing.

Respond without rescuing. Simply avoid the cry for attention that become bonfires when you feed into them. Use active listening, "I guess you don't like that" and avoid the debate! Allow your children to handle the problem. It is their problem after all. You did your job. You made a healthy plate and put it on the table. Your job is done. Their job is to choose to eat it. You can't make them do that. "You don't have to eat it. I'm sure you can make it until your next meal."

Ease your anxiety about nutrition. Give your child a good multivitamin or whole food supplement. Then relax, she'll eat when she's hungry.

Good Luck!

For great presentation and food ideas check out this link! When you make the food colourful and fun, they are more likely to eat it.

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