Friday, January 3, 2014

Quick Tips on hard days.

I forgot to breathe today.

1. We need to Breathe. When kids are on our laps and lapping us around kitchen tables, it's time to breathe, not yell.

2. Observe. When the kids are wrestling and tearing the books off the shelf, don't run to the bookshelf and grab each in your hands and berate them, breathe. Close your eyes, the mess will still be there when you open them. Then shut off the lights. Watch them stop and look. Sit down quietly. Look at what they may need. Ask if they'd like a hug, a walk, a wrestle. Sometimes they just want to play with you.

3. Run Away. That's right, run and fast. Feeling your pot overboil? Go into the bathroom/bedroom, lock the door and breathe. Tell the kids your putting yourself in a time out cause your getting upset and you want to calm down. You'll teach them loads about what to do when their pot is boiling.

4. Get up and get out. Unsure what they need, what you need? Feeling stir crazy. Out of ideas? Bored? Lonely? Take a walk, even in the snow and winter. Bundle up. A walk around the block will change your view, your thoughts, your mind as well as your children's.

5. Distract A Box. I've mentioned it before and it works. When your on the phone, they KNOW! They hunt you down and find you and crawl on you. They suddenly have a crisis and a meltdown. They need you more than they did the entire day, why? Your on the phone! So be prepared. Have a bin above your fridge. The BOX. Keep it updated. Recycle old toys and books and puzzles and put in new ones they have never seen before. Don't let them see it until your on the phone, then bring it down. CHRISTMAS time. They love to discover new items and toys etc. Make it easy, you don't want to set up or open anything for them, your on the phone.

Last bit of advice... call a friend. Go for tea. Make a playdate for YOURSELF and soon.

Take care guys.
Happy Parenting

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