Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rules of Kindness 50 tips

I read this great article, and I loved it so much I wanted to copy the idea for my own children. Feel free to share at least one of yours from each category and add it in the comments.

Tell your child:
1. I love you
2. I love you even when I'm frustrated with you.
3. I love you even when your mad at me.
4. I love you always behind any behaviour, I love you no matter what.

5. Even if you don't agree with what they say
6. Listen to kid songs over and over if they love it
7. To their questions
8.  Even if your visiting, take a second and listen
9. For feelings behind the words

10. Using a kind tone
11. To eat, drink and sleep enough
12. Dancing, jumping, moving
13. Not being sarcastic

14. Board games (over and over)
15. On the floor with the kids
16.  Outside
17. 15mintues a day with no interuptions (no tv/cell/computer)

18. To catch their kisses in your hand
19. Your hugs and kisses tank are empty and they have to fill it

20. Why your feeling this way? HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired?)
21. What are you thinking?
22. What do you want to know more about?
23. How are you feeling?
24. What will happen next?

25. The story of their name
26. How mommy and daddy met
27. That sometimes you struggle too
28. When you hold hands and squeeze it 3 times, it's a secret code you meaning, "I Love You"

29. For the little messes they make while becoming independent
30. Toys on the bottom of tub, cause one day they will be gone
31. Hugs and clingy love, cause one day it will be no more

32. That everything will work out, it always has
33. Your child is more capable than you know
34. That you are enough
35. Your human and it's ok to make mistakes

36. Of guilt
37. Of how you envisioned it to go
38. Of trying to be perfect or right

39. To be happy
40. Find beauty
41. To carve our relaxing time for you
42. Show a kind face and calm body

43. When you need a time out
44. When to say nothing and just hug

45. Affection to your spouce and yourself
46. How to garden and enjoy outdoors
47. How much reading is part of your own life
48. How to whistle

50. Smile when your child enters the room.

Original Idea:

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