Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Whining, who is in control?

Whining with the 3 year old.

I was tired of hearing myself whine about my 3 year old whining. I have been working hard on finding patterns and observing.

What I have learned this week while focusing on Nashville's whining was I had the power to stop this all along. It has been me I have been working on, not Nash. I have become more aware of our environment, of our routines, of how I interact with Nash before, during and after whining and it is getting better every day! Why didn't I just concentrate on this before? I 'wished' it got better, but I didn't actually DO anything about it.

So far the hugging, getting down to his level and talking to him calmly when he whines has diffused this more quickly every day.

I stopped complaining about it, I stoppped talking negatively about his whining to anyone who would listen. I started talking more positive to everyone. I started saying that Nashville's whining is going away and he's getting better every day. Even if I didn't believe it, I said it and it is now becoming true.

I stopped barking at him to stop whining. I stopped saying, "talk like a big boy. stop whining!" I started to just not acknowledge his whining and just ask if he needed a hug.

It's so much nicer now. I am looking forward to this becoming a habit, instead of me having to work at and remember what to do each time he whines.

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  1. Sooo update. It's confirmed that my 3 year old ONLY whines when he is hungry or tired. PERIOD. It is been documented and confirmed. Wow. I can't believe all this time I thought I had no control over this and I had all the control over his naps, eating access and bedtimes. Hmmm, insightful!