Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cooperation Without Fear

We all want our kids to do it, but do we know the true sense of what it feels like to cooperate? We say we know how to do this as adults, but do we?

To cooperate means to do things together, to build together, to feel together and to have something in common to freely work together. But people don't usually feel inclined to cooperate. People have agenda's, beliefs, morals, ideas, passions and we usually want those around us to share that with us. So it becomes a matter of people trying to force each other wills and desires on each other and we call this cooperation? It's common practice in our world to use cooperation in different ways. Tyrannical governments force people to work together, if you don't cooperate" you are liquidated or sent to a concentration camp. In so called civilized nations you are induced to work together through the concept of "my country." Or companies use the word cooperate to motivate through fear or reward of something withing that company which ignites competitive natures, not cooperation.

So the plan, idea, the authority which induced people to work together is called cooperation, and in it there is always a reward or punishment, behind the meaning. Which means behind cooperation is fear of something given or taken away. You are always working for something, for peace, for Master, for reward or fear. Saying it's cooperation is a falsehood. It is merely putting your force and ideals on another. There is always someone who is supposed to know what the right thing to do is, and therefore you say, "we must cooperate to carry this out." That is not cooperation.

Nor is it cooperation when you and I work towards a common goal because it ends up in us working together for a product or a final decision, not in the working together but for the end result. Also, not cooperation. Behind projects there is always fear of arguments, disagreements, approval and other fears.

Cooperation is entirely different. Children understand cooperation and the do it naturally, flawlessly and without fear. Cooperation is the FUN of being and doing together. Not necessarily doing something for a result or end in mind at all. Children have this feeling of being and doing together. They will cooperate in anything. There is no question of agreement or disagreement, reward or punishment, they just want to be help and be involved. They have a spontaneous, natural spirit of cooperation.

Real cooperation comes, not through merely agreeing to carry out a project together, but in the joy, the feeling of togetherness. If one may use that word, because in that feeling there is no obstinacy of person ideation or personal opinion.

It is important to try to awaken this inner child of cooperation, this feeling of being together and enjoying the moment, the process. Try watching children play, through play they are building and creating universes together without ego, without inhibitions. Let's try to NOT let the 'things to be done' be more important than the 'feeling of being and doing together without thought of punishment and reward. Set yourself free of trying to push your will onto other and enjoy just 'being' with others. Learn from our children.

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