Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Homeschoolers Struggle

Homeschooling isn't measured on paper:

Spent morning pretending to be sea turtles... digging our 17 inches down in the sand to bury our cardboard eggs Nash painted. Then the boys were being baby sea turtles, folded in half and finially growing tiny tooth on their beaks to break through the leathery shell of the egg, shedding the tooth and racing towards the moonlit sea for salvation. They loved running from the seagulls and creatures trying to eat them as they struggled to the sea. They swam around and found mates, made eggs and did it all again through pretend play. Now how do we 'record' that for the government to say my boys know their sea turtle life cycle? haha

Now they are building coral out of clay for their habitat for the sea turtle to live in.

Geran is making snakes and collecting information on where his Coba snake lives and what he will need for his habitat. At least we can take a picture of their boxed habitats for some 'proof' of learning. He's been into snake almost this entire year and last Jan he use to be afraid of snakes. It wonderful to see how he has learned that the more you know, the less afraid you will be. But I'm certainly done with snakes. I'm always tired of the projects before they are. I don't want to know anything more about snakes, but he's still into it, so here I am Utubing, book collecting, snake building, snake reading, and researching my butt off. "Oh how can I get back that important information on how to write a proper hyperbole when I'm busy learning about snakes"... sighs mom.

It's hard to find "proof of learning", when learning is subjective. How one processes and moves through their own personal growth and rewards of accomplishment can only be measured by that own person.

I am enjoying my boys excited about learning and asking so many questions that I can't even keep up.

See you on the other side of snakes, one day I hope.

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