Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Another children' book idea.

Instead I Was a MOM

I could done a LOAD of laundry
but instead I dumped a LOAD of trucks.

I could have made stew from SCRATCH
but instead I made a playdough from SCRATCH.

I could have WASHED the dishes up
but instead I WASHED toy cars up.

I could have WIPED the walls and counters
but instead I WIPED the etch a sketch clean.

I could have CLEARED the cupboard out
but instead I CLEARED my child's eyes.

I could have MADE my bed
but instead I MADE the planet Venus.

I could have folded my LONG line of clothes
but instead I sprayed water from a LONG line of hose.

I could have TOOK the garbage out
but instead I TOOK my son out.

I could have PREPARED lunches for tomorrow
but instead I emotionally PREPARED my son for tomorrow.

Today I could have WORKED and kept up with the HOUSE.
I could have cleaned, tidied, scrubbed and washed.
But instead I PLAYED, laughed, SANG and DANCED.

I know in the FUTURE, he won't remember if the house was CLEAN
But he will REMEMBER how he FELT when MOM was AROUND.

-Amanda Biden

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