Saturday, January 14, 2017

Financial freedom? Or enough money to pay bills?

It's Jan and that's resolution time. What did we pick for this year's resolution, yup - get out of debt and climb the ladder to financial stability. So here go - dive right in. First step - start listening to Money Pod Casts. Now I can hear words like Liquidy Ratio, Index Fund, Mutual Funds, Assets, Capital Employed, Dividends, Fixed Costs, FOB, IPOs, ETF, NPV, Share Capital, Restricted Funds, Working Capital and wait... my eyes glazed over and I can't function - off to Facebook or something...

Ok I'm back. Where was I? Oh ya and the dirty word, the filthy dirty word everyone says and very few know how to use the BUDGET! The problem most people have is not that they can't budget, but they don't have enough money to even budget with. So how does one save, climb out of debt and follow a budget, when most months your running out of money just to feed a family?

Well we are about to find out. Enjoy reading our journey on this process. Hopefully this will be a successful story and not a story of, "They tried, they failed, they are off to jail."


  1. I've seen you get through the toughest of situations, I have NO DOUBT you can do this too!

    My resolution was stop spending so much and use what I have!

  2. I hear that. Feb was a bit of a fail. Having a hard time committing to looking at bank account