Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Your going to say stuff and to do stuff in life as your human right that will be a mistake. Own that. We are born to make mistakes. It all works out eventually. It's time to forgive yourself. Too many of us hold onto hurt feelings and self criticism, this is very unhealthy for us. Why would you choose to hurt yourself again and again everyday? Today, let it go. Like the Frozen song, we must trust our awesome selves and and let sh*t go! You are not a better person for feeling crappy about yourself, just a sadder one. Don't destroy your spirit by filling it with guilt or shame. Move past this.

Forgive yourself. Do it daily. You will mess up again, forgiving yourself isn't a get outa jail free card, but it's a start to living more freely. Once you rid yourself of guilt and self crappiness, you can then live more freely, happily and move on with your life.

I read a few ways to help get rid of guilt and forgive youself... this is one of my favourites:

Repeat to yourself about a certain situation this mantra:

"Holding onto these bad feeling is doing nothing, but harming me, and everyone else. It's preventing me from living my fabulous life. I choose to let this go. I am an awesome person who deserves forgiveness. "

If you do this while "tapping" or using EFT system, it is profoundly effective. Do it for daily, until your feelings feel lighter.

Good Job!

The following is an example of "tapping"

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