Monday, November 28, 2011

Just a cute story

It is very often that in the middle of the night my little 5 month old would wake for a feeding. I would try to wait him out a bit and sometime he would fall back to sleep and sometimes not. I bring him into bed with my husband and I and I feed him and then he lays with us a while. After a bit, mostly because I was too exhausted to move anywhere at the time, I put him back in his bassinet. Well, last night was one of those mid-wake nights. I tried to wait it out a bit, hearing him fuss and complain a while... but then he decided enough was enough and he started to wail and cry. I fed him up and he was very nosy about it, slurping it up like a hungry calf. He fed a long time and my husband woke and we lay there enjoying our quiet family morning. When he was done he rolled over and normally he would just fall asleep but today he lay back... stretched his little body out and in the dead quiet he goes, "yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! So satisfied... it was the funniest thing we ever heard. He sounded like a satisfied 4 year old after we told him we were going to DisneyLand. We laughed so hard we woke up our two year old... and well that was that for sleep. But so funny.

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