Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nursery Rhymes

Isn't it funny how nursery rhymes seem almost unimportant until you have children. Then they become baby kryptonite! If you want your baby to stop screaming, crying, whining, melting down... just start singing.
It doesn't even matter if your bad at it. Keep going... don't stop.
Not only will this sooth your tearful baby, but it will calm your heart as well. You can be soooo annoyed at your whiner and frustrated with your crying baby, but if you start singing and you don't stop. You find you stop feeling angry, and start feeling happy. Start dancing too, it throws the kids off enough for them to forget why they were crying and it gives your neighbours something to laugh about when the walk by your window.

The most fun times in my life is when I watched my mom or dad be really silly. Give them a great memory, calm your own spirits and make your babies laugh.

Here are a rhyme to get you started.

Sign for CROCODILE (hands together & open them like the jaws of a croc opening and closing)
Sign for SLEEP (hands together and rest your head on your hands)

Crocodile, crocodile, nip your nose (CROC sign and use it to nip at babies nose)
Crocodile, crocodile, nip your toes (CROC sign and use it to nip at babies toes)
Crocodile, crocodile, swim around (CROC sign and swim it around in the air)
Crocodile, crocodile, ly right down (CROC sign swimming around and SLEEP sign)

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