Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Boys vs Girls

-Their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs.
Have you met boys? They literally bounce... off the change table, high chair, couch, over the playpen, down the stairs, through the tunnel, under the church pews, down the slide and more. They come into this life to give good mothers gray hair. And it doesn't stop at household items, they also bounce up trees, piles of dirt, rocks, hills, park benches and playgrounds. It is a wonder any man has a round head. Surely it is full of dents. Have you seen a boy learning to walk? It's all bumps and bruises and nose dives. Once they get started there is no stopping them. You can lift a little boy up in the air and his feet still run... put them down in any direction and away they go. They don't even care where, cause they are usually looking in a different direction than they are running. Boys don't just come with tops and bottoms, they also come with arms and hands, sticky little hands for the most part. Due the fact that their hands are in everything, the peanut butter and jam jars, the fish tank, the dog food, playdough, glue, bubbles and let's not forget mud. (don't get me started on boys and mud) But these precious sticky hands are always welcome when they want a hug, because if you are lucky enough to have your little boy turn and run to your open arms, you take that hug and you hold on for as long as you can, because in less than 30 seconds, he is mostly likely off running after a frog, a ball, a balloon and more.

-Sugar and Spice and everything their way.
Girls are quite different than boys and they love to tell you this. From bows to pony tails, dresses and purses, girls are born with accessories. It's a surprise when baby girls come out of the womb and they don't have a pink bow in their hair. I suppose most mothers are shocked at this as well, which is why one is promptly placed on their head immediately. Girls are usually clean, neat and tidy and do not like to have sticky stuff on their hands, unless they can put sprinkles on it. Girl do not bounce... they gracefully walk from place to place, making sure to look in all directions, in case a camera is near. They love to try on large mommy shoes, rock small baby doll's and place them in cribs, swings and high chairs. They do not fall off anything, they simply bat their lashes at their daddy's who promptly remove them from high places. They have a superpower that exist in their tears... one welled up tear can bring a grown man to his knees. Some girls do run, especially if you have a tom boy. These girls are what the boys call a 'nuisance' because they win at everything, even when they loose. They trail after brothers and boys on bikes, they out run, out hit, out climb the best, making sure everyone knows. And when they loose, they have the gift of gab to manipulative in a way that suggests the rules are unfair and they actually didn't loose. Girls favourite pastime is to giggle. They have perfected this by the age of 2.5yr old. It can be heard far and wide across the land, a girls giggle can even make a wild dog hide in fear. But these clean, clever little darlings can melt your heart when they sing a song, bat their lashes, offer to help and take your hand in their tiny hand and say I love you.

Enjoy your little ones today.

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