Wednesday, March 28, 2012

False Praise for toddlers.

Think on this...

When you praise your child try to say more than just, "Great job, your amazing, fantastic!" This gives your child no context to go on and later in life may have a difficult time measuring success.

Try instead to state what they have done or notice a behviour such as:

"That is a wonderful red, rabbit you drew, great job!"
"I like the way you took your shoes off, that was very responsible!"

"You are very kind to share your toy with your brother."
"When you share your toys, that makes mommy happy."

These type of statements are more specific and teach children the concept of what "GOOD Boy or GOOD Girl" actually means.

When you lable their behaviour they will learn what RESPECT looks like and what RESPONSIBLE is.

So in school when they talk of these concepts, your little one will already know what that looks like, acts like and feels like.

Happy Parenting!

Signing Tip:

Add a sign like SHOES or SHARE when your teaching your toddler about sharing... even try feeling words such as HAPPY and SAD.

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