Sunday, April 8, 2012


It's been wonderful watching my two year old become so independent.

By moving his cups, utensils and plates at an easy to get area. I have been able to do less and have him become more self reliant. He loves getting his 'special plate' and choose the colour he wants and bring it to the table. He sets up his own cup and spoon etc... so cute.

He feels independent, proud and have a good sense of self esteem when he is able to do things for himself.

We allow him to 'get things from the fridge or cupboard within reason. We even put his milk in a small, easy to pour container and he is practicing pouring his own liquids... a messy, but necessary skill. He's getting quite good at it.

He loves to sign the words for all the items he gets and tell his 10 month old brother what they are... his brother is mostly interested in chewing on them, however. lol.

So cute and so important for their development.

When it's time for a snack, he has his own snack drawer too, easily accessible nuts, crackers, raisins etc.

Too cute.

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