Friday, April 13, 2012

Signing and Family

How can I make signing part of my everyday?

Use it all the time. Sign eat while watcing tv, out for lunch with friend, driving your car.

If you, as a parent, are signing EAT all the time, your more likely to remember to sign it when your baby is actually eating.

Use EAT in pretend play. Make cookies and tea for grandma and have a party. Invite all the stuffie to EAT with you. Ask them what they want to EAT. Have baby watch you by getting his attention.
Make noises, sing songs, tell stories, read books, show DVD's, use props. Whatever it takes.

Start with just a few, say 3 signs, and use them daily. If you start with MORE, ALL DONE and say EAT. You can use them for more than just EATING. Such as MORE tickles, bubbles, park time, bath time, books and more. It's especially important to sign ALL DONE. There is nothing worse than finding out your little one is done with their bath because they start crying or wailing. Same goes with ALL DONE tickling, eating, outside (cold), hugs, horseride or rough play.

We all use gestures in our everyday, it's just adjusting what we know and adding a movement.

Here is a link to the word EAT to get you started.
I like Signing Savvy. It is a great ASL dictionary with lots of words to get you started on your signing journey.

Just remember to look for approximations. Your baby will not sign true ASL, but will do their best to mimic your movements. Just like learning to talk, your baby will 'try out/' a new word. It may not sound exactly like your word, but it will be close. Your job is to repeat the proper sign and say the word at the same time. Keep doing it the 'right' way and encourage your baby to copy you by saying,
"Yes, that's right PUPPY and repeat the sign properly."

Never say no, your wrong, always encourage by saying, yes, that's right!

Happy Signing!

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