Saturday, May 5, 2012


Sometimes life gets in the way of life. You get busy doing and you forget to sit, read and reflect. Life sweeps you away like a discarded candy wrapper on ocean waves. Babies have been doing well, except the 10month old has 5th disease, also known as Roseola. It's not complicated or dangerous or anything, just another worry for a mother. They get fever for a couple days and then when the fever breaks, they get one day of healthy and then a rash appears everywhere! He looks so cute, all spotty and giggly. His spirits are high and he seems back to himself, except for the rash.

Oh well, quarantine for a week may get me writing again.

April was very very busy month. Profitable and rewarding, I'm a bit worried about how May will pan out. I wonder what human trait causes one month to be so productive and the next to almost feel lethargic?

Until next time.

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