Friday, May 25, 2012


Been enjoying the many milestones of new motherhood. Nashville is trying to walk and communicating so well lately. He's mastered the request for MILK. Now I just ask what is wrong and he signs MILK right up in my face lol. So cute. He loves to 'talk' about TREES, BIRDS, OUTSIDE. This will definitely be my outside boy. He loves to wrestle and 'get moving!' My Geran on the other hand is book feign. He is now wanting to learn to read. He is on this reading program on the computer and loves it and keep asking to play reading! He is sounding out letters and can read small words like I, am and Sam. He can also make the sounds of most letters. I am positive this is result of signing with my son as a baby. He has over 120 signs as he was talking and I have lost count on how many he knows now. He now wants to learn the alphabet on his hands. I would love for him to pursue signing as a total second language! He enjoys teaching his baby brother to sign and sings him songs. So adorable!~

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