Monday, July 15, 2013

Melting down toddler.

Proud mommy moment! Got time for a short story?

Geran (just turned 4) is MELTING down all morning over little things. He's having a hard day as well have had in the past.

I've been able to keep it together for most of the day, but I'm wearing down. I got the 2 year old to sleep and then I was attempting to get Geran to bed for a nap or lay down. He is having none of it. Literally crying on the couch, begging for a t.v show. We had a couple shows already, so I had shut it off and I already said no, so I'm screwed, I can't go back on my word or all is lost.

My journey begins...

I sympathize, "Oh, you must be sad, you're very tired? What do you need.?"
I get the answer, "NOTHING!" and then "TV!"
I tried reasoning... "Geran your very tired, you're crying a lot, a nap will make you feel better."
um no. he's still melting.
I tried playing... "Lets be cars and drive to bed together."
"I don't WANT to be a car!"

I tried hugging... "Don't!!" was my answer.
I tried choices.. "You can either go to bed in my room or your bunk bed, which one do you want?"
"I want the couch!"
Ok, sleep there... "NOOOOOOooooO!" was the answer and more crying.

At this point, I'm thinking I'm just going to pick him up and take him to my bed. (shut up and act thing) But I can picture him screaming and kicking and freaking out down the hall as I do this. I want a better way. I decide to do nothing for a minute, cause I'm getting desperate. I started thinking about all the things I NEED (want) to get done. I leave and start to clean, he follows me, crying etc.
I text my husband... (call a friend right?) ... he's busy at work. Ok, I get that.
Now what?

I bribe! That's gotta work! He LOVES chocolate.
I bring out the mnm's... "If you choose to go to my bed, you can 3 mnm's, if you choose to go to your bed you can have 4 mnm's."
SIGH. Of course you don't.

I then get smart. Really smart. I think, who cares, why am breaking my spirit trying all this crap, forget it. He's cranky and now I'm getting cranky. So I leave. I go to my own room.
I say, "Well I'm tired and cranky, I'm going for a time out, see ya."
 I walk to my room and pick up my positive discipline for preschoolers. (Looking for answers) and sit in my room and read.

Less than 4 minutes later, a small knock on the door, followed with a very quiet, "mommy?"
"Yes? Come in."
Geran with his 'blankie' in hand, "Can I have a snack in my bed?"
"Sure, let's get some cherrios. Did you want me to carry you or can you walk there?"

"Carry me like a baby mommy."

"Ok, my love."


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