Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Colour your day.

Perception is everything. There are always two stories. There are two ways to look at something. You have heard the cliche's before. I felt them come alive today.

My day:

My 3 year old learned how to paper mache today. He learned that newspaper tore in very different ways depending on the way you held the paper. He was patient for a long time and enjoyed mixing ingredients together. He concentrated and put his hands in the goo and placed each piece on his balloon carefully. He was attentive and involved at great lengths for a 3 year old boy. When he tried to help his brother, that balloon popped and no one cried and no one melted down. We talked about science and why the heat of the sun made the balloon pop.
My 5 and 3 year old boys snuggled up to me tonight and listened to stories. They were gentle and kind to each other in the evening when we shared popcor. They offered snacks to each other and used manners during a movie.
The boys played at the park and met new friends. They showed them how to play Go, Go Stop.
My 5 year old wanted to learn how to spell words and work in a big kid workbook. He asked lots of questions about science today.
Each of the boys hugged and kissed me many times. They helped put their dishes away. They learned to count quarters and bought treats at the corner store with their own money they earned from cleaning up.
They played quietly in their room just before bed after brushing their teeth and learning to floss by themselves. The said they loved me and they giggled with each other into the night.

It was a wonderful day.

My day:

The 5 year old woke up crying and was whiney all morning. He hit his brother and he hit me when he was angry about getting a toy. The 3 year old spilled his milk all over the table and then began to 'slide' around in it with his bare feet.
The 3 year old threw his dry towels into the kiddy pool. The 5 year old threw all their clothes they were wearining into the pool. I yelled at them, feeling frustrated. I told them they were being dumb. The 5 year didn't want to participate in paper mache and was making ruckus because he was jelous of the time I was spending with his brother. He got the 3 year old to leave the project and go inside and smush veggie stix into the carpet.
The 3 year old spilled cherrios all over the floor, the 5 year old spilled coins all over the floor after telling him not to touch the coins until we had a change purse.
The 3 year old tossed the clean folded clothes onto the floor.
The 3 year old refused to nap and kept coming out of his room for 40minutes before I gave up and just ignored him.
My husband has been away all day and won't be back until 11pm tonight. I have been cleaning up all day after mess after mess. They boys fought bedtime and the 3 year old was acting crazy because he was overtired. He hit me down the hall and threatened to spit at me. The 3 year old did eventually apologize. They finally fell asleep.

It was a hard day.

Now, which do I post? Both are true. What do I choose to think about, focus on and share? How do I want to retell my day?

We have choices everyday. Things happen all around us. What we focus on, what he feed into our minds and our hearts depends on us. We are responsible for our own happiness. It is about perception. It is about choice.

If I want to become a more positive person, a more happy person then I must choose to post the top portion of the day.
You have a choice to share with the world your successes. By doing that, you concentrate on that part of your life. You choose to hold those memories strong. You reflect on your day with a smile. You become that positive person you want to be. Replay the video in your mind of happiness.

Enjoy your day!
Your stories become your happy moments,
Your happy moments become your memories,
Your memories are your life.


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