Monday, September 8, 2014

Unfaltering faith

I discovered when I was quite young how special I was. I believe it was about grade 3 that people starting to try and tell me how unspecial I was. It was at this time that I discovered I knew something they didn't. I had an unfaltering belief of my talents, abilities and faith in a God I had never met. Kids can be cruel, you heard the saying. But that isn't really it, kids are just kids. They hear and repeat and say things they learn from adults or others. I had this innate intuition that I have complete faith in no matter what kids said. I just knew it was wrong when kids had that much hate, jelously, greed, competition, and lack of faith in their hearts. I felt sorry for kids that couldn't' see the world the way I saw it. I didn't meet very many that felt that same way.
I always felt guided, directed and taken care of. I never felt lost, I always knew I had more power than others. They seems to struggle with the everyday. They seemed lost, confused, frustrated and totally confused on why I was so unalterably happy.
Many people throughout my life have tried to squish this intuition, this positive feeling that everything always works out.

Today I want you to have faith in yourself. Reflect on your talents, your strengths, and your dreams. Don't allow others to define you and your way of life, but reach inside yourself, find your affirmations and sing out your inner belief.

Give yourself a hug  - do it now!

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