Thursday, September 18, 2014

Letting Go

Recently I've been holding onto some old habits and old ways of thinking. The thoughts have been filled with doubt and a bit of fear. With my now 23 year old a new school year meant a new school year filled with uphill battles and advocated arguments. I didn't look forward to new teachers, new hassles, new problems. I didn't have a lot of 'faith' in what was the come.
Lately with all the teacher talks, a lot has resurfaced, memories have been creeping their way back into my head.

Last night I was reminded to have faith. To enjoy the process. I have been living my life in a different way for many years now and it's time to get rid of old ways of thinking. I am armed now with positive thoughts, better books and a different life. I have different children and a different journey. I am learning to let go of negative arguments in my head and allow a process of faith that everything works out. Cause it does and always has.

Even when bad things happen, it seems that the universe was just saving you from something worse. A stall on the freeway could be your blessing that you missed the accident up ahead. One time I was waiting for a parking spot in the hospital emergency section and just as I was watching my predesesor leave his stall, another large black truck stole my parking spot. At first I was mad, but I took a deep breath and reminded myself I was only there to drop something off to a nurse friend. No one I knew was hurting, everyone was in good health. I imagine that he needed that spot more than I did. Maybe I was simply saving that spot for him. I smiled and drove around again to find my friend out the front door waiting for me, I didn't need a parking spot after all.

I am learning to let go of the small stuff. I have found a lot of great books in the last couple years and this year a great book found its way to my hands called, "Outrageous Openness." by Tosha Silver. Thanks to a good friend of mine who gave it to me for a birthday present. It was just what I needed when I needed it. Which is kind of the basis for this book.

She reminds me that everything will unfold as it should.
I need to let go of my Ego, my forced will.
I need to stop trying to force a bud to flower or
Push a rock uphill.
When I let go, breathe, take my worries to a higher power
I can relax and allow the universe, God, the Devine, whatever you believe in
To just take the wheel and guide my way.
It's a lot more relaxing sitting on a ferry enjoying the waves
Then it is trying to shove and squeeze my way into a parking spot I probably wasn't meant to have.

Just for today and maybe this week lets all try to let go of preconceived notions and just enjoy the ride of life. Allow the community around you to grow with you. Be the best of who you are and show the world your smile. Allow your peace to transfer to others. When it comes to kids, watch them, they are experts at taking their time, letting things happen and enjoying this wide world we have.

Happy Parenting!

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