Friday, January 28, 2011

better than television

Today Geran did the cutest thing ever... well so far anyhow.

Geran came into the other room and asked me 'bum, bum' signing diaper and saying, "bum, bum."
I thought he had to go pee and followed him down the hall, thinking we were on our way to the bathroom, yeah!
Until he turned a corner into his room and pointed to his large, white stuffed puppy" who was conveniently put on the diaper change table, I assume place there by Geran.

Of course I had to put a diaper on his bear, which Geran was sooo happy about.
Hugging and kissing the stuffed puppy (which is almost the same size at him)
Then he came into the kitchen, with puppy in arms, signing and saying, "buba, buba."
So I had to get a bottle with some water in it so he could feed it to the large white stuffed puppy.
Which he proceeded to do and then giving the puppy kisses and hugs, saying, "puppy, puppy."

So adorable.


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