Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Rainy Tuesday

Took the two little ones to drop in today... seems to take up my whole morning, changing, feeding, dressing, packing, driving, playing, dressing, changing, feeding... and then trying to remember to change, feed and dress me. (shower if I'm lucky) he he.

Tough night sleeping. I think we were up every hour, maybe baby was kicking, but I didn't notice. Feeling very pregnant today. I'm pretty tired, heavy and slow. But still super happy. I have a great family and wonderful friends.

I like to chant my mantra a lot, "I'm too blessed to be stressed."
Everyone should have a mantra.

Tip for the day:  Write down ONE affirmation for yourself. Give it lots of details and make sure you attach a feeling to it. Post it in your bathroom mirror. Keep it there for over 2 -3 weeks and tell me if you feel different about it afterward.

My affirmation I will write TODAY! (promise) is: "When I go to yoga, I feel empowered, relaxed, fit and at peace"  This will motivate me not to miss another week of yoga.

Geran is learning so much every day. I remember last week he didn't know how to make the propeller on his helicopter turn.... his little hands kept getting in the way. And now this week he can turn the propeller with rhythm. How do they learn so quickly?
He is also learning pretend play already. Taking animals and making them talk, feeding them, flying them around. He's been doing it for a couple months, just thought I would note it now. I thought about Dustin, my older son, he didn't know how to do this for a long long time. It is really neat seeing the developments.

Take care of each other out there in cyberspace.

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