Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Sign Class

Like a small miracle in my simple life I showed up for a fun day signing with Geran and Mattea at music class. And suddenly I found myself three moms sigingin up for Saturday signing course I so desperately wanted to run. I was so excited and like a school girl I had to call my hubby and tell him right away, fishing for that "I am so proud of you." comment, I love to hear. It feels good that all this effort I put into my business may actually pay off.
The weird part is I haven't considered that I could make money doing this. I really love having people to teach. I love the whole aspect of teaching. The excitement they feel when they are successful, I feel to. The small milstones I notice and the confidence I see in the parents as they progress. I know what it feels like, in their seat, excited, hoping to learn and have fun and knowing in my heart that is exactly what I give them. I know so much about child development and milestones and I keep learning everyday, I want to pass it off to everyone and hope that something small that is said may impact and change how a person feels about being a parent. I hope with each class they leave feeling a bit more at ease. I hope with each week, they notice something amazing about their babies and they revel in how smart they are.

Babies can teach us so much about ourselves, if we are patience and quiet enough to notice.

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