Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby wearing and Sign Language

A note or two on baby wearing. There is so much to say on this subject that I urge you to read this link about baby wearing: Scroll down and scan if you must, but read Benefits of Baby Wearing under these sections:

Sling babies are more organized
Sling babies learn more
Sling babies are more humanized
Sling babies are smarter


Let me point out the important points I know to be true, having carried my son Geran in a sling for months after he was born. And still at 21 months I periodically carry him on my hip sling while out and about.

I did notice the following:

People talked to my baby more and not just to me. Engaging him in conversation and allowing him to share his thoughts, feelings, memories and ideas with everyone he met. Luckily he had sign language to help bridge the gap between baby babble and real conversation. I could interpret for those who wanted to know, "What baby was saying." They were fascinated and intrigued with this interaction and soon found themselves asking, "How do you say... this? or How do you say ... that?"

Wearing my child up in the face of conversation engaged him into the adult world. This allowed his quiet awake state to learn about his environment. Sling wearing allows babies to have a safe familiar feeling. They can listen to mom's heartbeat, feel the rhythm of mom's walk, and snuggle in the tight sling. All these things mimic the same feeling of being in the womb.

Having Geran so close to me increased our interpersonal bonding. I was able to notice any movements he was making, or watch his eye gazing more closely to help communicate in sign what was going on in his world. This early learning pattern, I believe, has made Geran the intelligent, calm soul he is today.

Geran is very bright and loves to communicate with others, telling stories and asking questions with sign and verbal communication. I credit this to having taught him language early and having him in the sling, experiencing his world and engaging him in as much conversation as possible.

Just a thought.

For more information go to www.stickyhands.ca

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