Monday, April 11, 2011

Signing and Babies

It is amazing when your new baby, as young as 6 months old begins to ask for "milk" by signing it to you. No more tears, tantrums and frustrations. When your baby can communicate before they can talk, it brings a calm energy to the house and creates a happy family. Don't underestimate the bonding power your little one has over daddies, grandparents, aunties and others. While your baby is waiting to talk, they are busy taking everything in and are completely capable of communicating their wants, needs and desires. They can share a special moment and tell you "light" when they see a sun rise, or sign the word "love" when they see grandma.

It's true, having your little one sign to you is 'cute', 'trendy' and you love to show them off to others. But they don't just sign to get needs met. Babies sign for all kinds of reasons!
  • Babies sign to share their world and tell you what they see all around them.
  • They share their memories, tell you that an airplane reminds them of a bird.
  • Book reading -babies love to point to pictures and look to you for the signs.
  •  Reveal emotions such as 'frustrations, anger, love, happy'
  • Ask for clarification by pointing at something like the family dog and then looking to you for the sign.
Any age is the right age to begin signing to your baby.

I know from personal experience how rewarding signing has been and how helpful at the early toddler age. (between 12 months and 2 years old)

Keep Signing!

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