Wednesday, August 24, 2011

baby signs

There I go again... I had USC come out and I gave them my gov't grant of 100 towards Nashy's future... now both my boys will have at least 50,000 towards University in about 17 years... hope this helps baby. As he's here... chatting away, I am sharing the fact that I run Baby Sign Language Classes in Abbotsford and he mentions that he knows his kids did that with his grandchildren. It is such a small world I am finding and everyone around me is getting more and more aware of this amazing trend. Teaching Geran, my two year old, to sign, has improved his vocab and IQ. Even Robert, who has grandkids now and knows his stuff was amazed that Geran, who just turned two... can count to 10, recite the alphabet in order and can recognize all the letters... he can even read small words! I know I will be using their future monies towards University.... cause my babies are so smart... spoken from the Mother... smiles.


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