Monday, August 29, 2011

Burst with Love

Have you ever felt so much love that you could just BURST? I really really pray that each and every person in the entire world gets to feel that at least once in their life. I felt that today (again). I had so much fun with my two boys. My two year old and my soon to be 3 month old. My two year old is so adorable and fun... I love him so much, I could burst. From little moments of 'I wanta sleep in the crib" to, "little bit, little bit" when he asks for just a bit more milk. Here he is running about learning to take his own shoes off, brush his own teeth, go on the potty on his own all day long, sing the alphabet and read little words. Geran is growing up so fast, and yet I cherish the comments that keep him my baby just a "little bit" longer. I love watching him play in the sandbox with his friends. Each day I giggle or smile to myself at yet another cute thing he does. He had a friend over today and they were manipulating these tiny toys.... ( a puppy figurine and a kitty figurine) She's meowing with her kitty and saying "hi" and Geran's barking and talking with a high voice with his puppy. They move from parallel play to interactive play... such development right before my eyes. I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with my children to not miss out on these amazing moments. And when bedtime comes and he's about to be put down, he asks for 'potty' time... I know he probably doesn't have a big pee or another, but he squeezes one out just to spend a few more minutes with me. It puts a frog in my throat to see his big brown eyes look at me after potty time as he says, "snuggle with mommy in mommy's bed?" How can I resist... so I ruin bedtime routine and let him "snuggle with mommy"... only to have him 4 minutes later, say, "crib crib" I ask him if he's tired and wants to sleep and he says yes. What an amazing son I have. Kissing his baby brother and being placed down into his crib, he falls asleep within minutes and it isn't even 8 o'clock yet. I am just bursting with pride and love. I then nurse my 3 month old as he smiles at me and drifts off to sleepland as well. I stare, in delight at my children and thank God once again for blessing me. I don't know if there are many that have this kind of love in their life, but I sure as heck am going to indulge in mine.

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