Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's sweeter? Cookies or a 2 year old?

Teaching autonomy with Cookies


1 cup of "no, mommy, I try."

1/2 cup of 'do-it-myself."

1 tsp of "can you help me?"

1 1/2 cup undressed aprons

1/2 tbsp mistakes

2 tiny helping hands

1 (12 ounce) package of spilled nuts

a dusting of kisses

Sprinkle in as much LOVE as possible

(optional) "do again, mommy."


Mix the 'do-it-myself' with the 'no, mommy, I try.'

In a separate bowl, beat in the undressed aprons.

Add mistakes, helping hands and 'can you help me.'

Combine together and toss in the spilled nuts.

Sprinkle kisses and love.

Bake in a 375F preheated hug until the child squirms and wiggles with a fit of giggles and the cheeks are all rosy.

Let stand 5 minutes and then give the spatula to the child to eat all the ingredients.

Serve warm and loving. Share with milk.

Take lots of pictures.

*Feel free to add 'do again, mommy.'

A note from the author:

-Eating chocolate chips off the floor. 
-Spilling vanilla down the table and chairs. 
-Dusts of flour sprinkling tiny faces.

Inspiring independence and having a bit of fun.

Now, what's sweeter, the choco chip cookies or the face of the proud 2 year old who did it all by himself (with some help) 

PS: He was too full from the 'grazing' during baking to finish his cookie... ha ha.

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