Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boastful Signing Mama

My boastful rant of how amazing my 7 month has grasped signing...

So excited to announce my 7 month old is doing very well with signing. I remember reading once that when you have your second or third baby, they may not sign as fast or as well as your first, for unknown reasons. I was prepared not to have my Nashville sign as well as my Geran did, but to my pleasent surprise, he is signing up a storm! It is wonderful and amazing to watch him. He tries so hard to communicate now.
He signs MILK, MORE, ALL DONE, EAT, DADA and some unknowns.

He started MILK at about 6 months, not knowing what it did. Just as a mimic sign. Then he started to realize it got him food. He signed it everything after that... for "pick me up" "im hungry, feed me" "im tired" "im poopy"
But with time and the addition of new signs, he started to realize that each sign does something different.

He is now 7 months and he signs EAT and MORE at mealtime, unsure which one works. He also signs and says DADA. He watches dad turn around and then signs and says DADA until he turns and looks at him, then he falls back into his seat squealing and does it again and again. 'Cause as you know, at this age, they LOVE repetition.

During mealtime today, he was signing MORE MORE MORE and then EAT and then DADA and was having a jolly ol time. He started to grab his finger and lift his arms up to the top of his head and down again. I am totally lost what this sign is, but I am totally impressed that he is struggling to communicate with me. He squeals to get my attention and then the arms and hands are moving about. He studies his fingers and hands and watches my eyes and then looks at my hands. He moves his arms around and watches for response. He is so studies with it... It is as if he has a secret language already, that I didn't teach and he is struggling to try and teach me what that language is.

Geran wasn't even this interested in signing with me. He sorta took the signs he needed, used them and moved on. He was busy, busy, busy... climbing and crawling by age 7 months. But because Nashville isn't crawling and only rolling about, I think he has more time to study the art of real communication. He is truly more interested in it than Geran was.

It is really cool and I can't wait to hear about what "he wants to talk about." Geran was interested in telling me about the lights and flies and the fishes in the tank and the dog. What will interest Nash?

Tune in to see what the future holds for my signing baby.

Soooo coool!

Even for me, a teacher of baby sign language here in Abbotsford, even I am amazed at Nashville's progress.
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  1. that is so amazing! now can you teach my cats some sign language? :)

  2. Actually you can teach animals sign, it works best with dogs, but cats too sure sure... hehe