Monday, April 29, 2013

30 Things to get done after 30.

Ok... 40 is coming... next year I turn 40. Time to start the bucket list! Here goes... let me know what your favourite one is.

1. Print one of my picture books...even if it is only for myself even if it doesn't get picked up by a publisher. This makes me excited just thinking about it. I want my kids to see and read the books I have written. I am tired of having them stuck on my computer for no one to enjoy.

2. Travel to Italy and Portugal Need I say more?

3. Be able to do at least 5 chin ups. I'd like to have more strength as I get older.

4. Homeschool and raise happy children who love learning.

5. Try a new job/career.
I don't have any ideas, but I want to open for opportunities. Right now, I'll stick with being self employed as a Baby Sign Instructor.  Love my  job!

6. Write in my journal more.
You'd almost never know I was a writer. I have a hard time getting words on paper... they like to stay in my mind longer than I'd like to admit.

7. Go caving.

8. Scuba dive more.
I always use the excuse it's too expensive or complicated to organize, the truth is I just need to book and go. I got my open waters a long time ago and would have to upgrade. I will do this soon.

9. Swim with the wild dolphin.
I have already started saving for this one. I am hoping to go for my 40th birthday.

10. Remarry my husband all over again.
Cause he's awesome and I want another party.

11. Purchase nicer furniture.
Most of our stuff has been given to us, I'd like to learn what I love and decorate my home with my style... when I find out what my style is.

12. Landscape our yard, upgrade our kitchen.

13. Do a tri-a-tholon.

14. Buy a van.
I'm a sell out, I know... but hey I have kids, and it just makes sense!

15. Surprise myself on doing something out of character and being good at it.

16. Buy more green products.

17. Change all my makeup over to organic makeup.
I heard of this place in Mission that has fantastic stuff... I'll need to take a peek. Next makeup purchase won't be at Shoppers!

18. Be a better friend to the friend who are good to me.

19. Be a better granddaughter and daughter.
My grandma is 91. I need to call her more.

20. Be a better wife and mother.

21. Learn how to speak French

22. Visit Montreal and speak French.

23. Go on a trip with just my mom and me.
Anywhere really.

24. Become financially independent.

25. Go to more jazz fesitvals and outside concerts with my children.

26. Camp more with the family.

27. Start an appreciation journal.
The key to happy life is to be happy... so talk about it everyday and it becomes a happy life everyday.

28. Read the many books I want to read. Positive self thinking to positive raised children.
(Debt Cures, The Power of Positive Thinking, Think and Grow Rich, Ask and It is Given, Fit or Fat, The Spark, The Secret Science of Smiling, Project Based Homescholing)

29. Share my love of learning and laughter with EVERYONE!

30. Volunteer more
. I'd like to teach my children the importance of community and giving back.

Well... see you in 30 years... I'll let you know.

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