Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Happy, positive, kind people have happy, positive, kind children."

So I've been reading more and more. Remembering that "Readers are always Leaders."
I want to be my children's leader. I want them to want a life that is full of joy, laughter, learning, loving and living. I want them to love learning, to embrace books, to share kindness and to love themselves. Therefore I know I need to work on loving myself, sharing kindness, embrace books and keep learning. Children learn best by copying what they see. So I must live the life I want for my children now.

This book I am reading, "Ask and It is Given." has been inspiring to me lately. It discusses how everything we think and feel is in direct relation to our life. But it's a bit different from what most people believe. Most people believe that we feel something based on what happens or what we observed in our lives. This book discusses that we can CHOOSE what to feel and think BEFORE things happen in our life. And futhermore, we can alter the future based on our own thoughts and feelings.

We all know that our emotions ,good and bad, come from what we think about. This makes sense. We think negative thoughts, or have an argument in our heads, talk down about ourselves or others in our minds and we feel crappy. When we think positive thoughts about others, ourselves, or things in our lives, we feel good. If we think about things we enjoy or things we look forward to, we ultimately feel happy and joyful inside.

So why not control this? Why not take back the powerless feeling that life is just moving us along and choose to move life along ourselves, based on our thoughts.

If you start to appreciate what you already have then you focus on the gratitude of your life, your loved ones, and especially yourself. You can start to feel joy now! Today! This minute!

I read this quote that sticks with me often. It goes like this...

"You get what you think about most of the time."

What do you think about most of the time?

You can predict the future of your day based on your thoughts. Therefore, you can predict your future. Think positive thoughts, focus on the good in yourself, your children, your environment. Then feel that wonderful happy feeling inside. You will see before your eyes a world that manifests joy.

Another quote I love...
"Happy, positive, kind people have happy, positive, kind children."

The next question people have is HOW?
How can I do this. I have been thinking negative thoughts for so long, how can I change over night? 
You can't change overnight. You must choose to work on what you think everyday

1. Each time a negative thought enters your mind, change the channel. Don't just try to shut it off, that doesn't work. Think about something you love, like and dream about instead. Try to hold that thought until you feel it inside. You feel that happiness.

2. Buy a positive self help book, keep it by your beside. Read a page in the morning and a page before bed. 

3. Watch positive movies, or shows. Listen to only positive music. No more country music for you... too many people loosing their pick up trucks, dogs and wives in country music. hehe. 

4. Surround yourself with positive upbeat people. Surround yourself with people who have what you want.

5. Be careful who you listen to. If you are wanting a certain life, a lover, money, happy children, good health, then only listen to those who already have this. Don't take advice from those who do not have what you want. It only makes sense to listen to financial advice from somebody who has a lot of money.

6. Yoga, healthy fresh food, exersise, meditation, long walks, swimming, horse back riding, getting into nature. Think of what makes you feel the most happy, peaceful and what works to recharge and do that.

Start with small steps. Don't overwhelm yourself, no expectations. Just love a little more today. Appreciate a little more today.  

A happy life is just a string of happy moments and memories. You create them in your everyday.

Happy Parenting, Happy Living.


  1. Love this post! I try very hard to be positive and have been practicing more positive self talk lately. In Hypnobabies Hypnosis for Childbirth we talk about how your mind creates for you what you dwell upon most so it is important to focus on what you want, not on what you want to avoid. I've learned so much about how powerful our minds are and the impact that language has on us from Hypnobabies and try to extend it into my life & parenting. I think this post pretty much explains why. Thanks.

  2. A great book to read is Ask and It is Given, by Jerry Hicks, you'd love it!