Friday, August 2, 2013

Week 4 - Slow Down

Lucky for me slowing down was expected as I was going away on vacation for 5 days up to Sorrento to stay with my mom. I brought a friend to help with the boys as well. It was lovely, lying around the in pool. Enjoying watching my boys play with sprinker, trucks and each other. The love was overpouring.
Each time I felt anxiety or stress, I just remembered to breathe. I even did some yoga while I was away. It was so wonderful. I was truely blessed. My blog this week, is make sure you slow down and enjoy your time with your family, they grow so fast.
The boys are happy to be back home and I must remember to slow life down and enjoy the little things.

My favourite moment was when my 4 year old was playing with his toys and he said, "I'm your big brother and I will take care of you. Mom and daddy take care of each other but I will always take care of you forever."
What a window into his little mind and the love he has for his younger brother. Bless them and their little hearts too.

Another very cool moment was when we watched a mama and papa Robin feed their babies and then watched as the babies left the nest and learned to fly. Wow, I love BC!

Well, slow down and enjoy the bubbles, trees, birds, etc. Take a look at life through a child's view, you'll find more time for appreciation.


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