Friday, May 27, 2011

One Day at a Time.

In the last week, I was contacted by the Langley Developmental Society and Down Syndrome Society, a radio talk show and I feel a bit overwhelmed. I am so excited about the new contacts, but I feel unprepared at this time, as I am about to have a new baby next Tuesday.

How do working mothers do it? I am so in awe of the working mother that makes it look 'easy' to run a business and manage the home while raising her perfect children.

I wonder if any at home working dads find it a challenge, or if it is only use mother's that put so much on ourselves?

I just finished my last Baby Signs Class before taking a short leave and I have parents asking when I am resuming classes and they want MORE MORE MORE.

Which makes me excited as I want to GIVE GIVE GIVE... but I have to be careful, not to GIVE all of me away.... must save some energy for my family... my number one priority.


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