Monday, May 16, 2011

Sick mothers

I've been sick and I want to know who it was that said mothers can't be sick. It is so true and so unfair. We work our butts off with the kids, house, hubby, friends, family etc... and then we get sick... well life doesn't just stop and wait for us to get better.

The laundry still piles up, the dishes still accumulate, the dogs and kids need feeding and attention and of course there's no one around to help you... so we march on and on.

I am using the sign ALL DONE today for sure!

On a sweet note, Geran still signs,even though he talks non stop. At the end of this favourite book of his, "That's Good, That's Bad," Geran always signs the word LOVE when the grandma loves and hugs her little grandson. He says love too, but always, always signs it. I hope he never looses his zest for expression and signing.

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