Monday, May 2, 2011


Interesting enough, when I took a writing course at UFV, we received an assignment about gender stereotyping. It hit home to one particular mom in our class. Her son loves to dress up, wear jewelry, play with dolls etc... She was hard pressed to find a doll house that wasn't pink, dress up clothes for boys, and boy dolls. I remember how frustrated and hurt she was when a friend of hers was horrified that this mom would allow her son to play with dolls, wear jewelry etc...

My own son, at 22months, loves to dress up, wear high heals, my jewelry and he loves to play with dolls. He has a couple girl dolls at home, a crib for them and a kitchen set. He loves to cook with daddy and dance around in my jewelry to bubbles. I find no harm in this. Luckily I have a supportive husband who isn't worried about our son's exploration. In fact, do we not want to raise sensitive, confident fathers, who can cook! And hey, if they can pick out some nice jewelry for us too, then great!

Geran also loves to throw footballs, ride and climb and slide at the park, play with his fire engine. He drums, plays the piano, guitar and kicks soccer balls. I don't know who my son will become, but I know who he is now, and I wouldn't change him for the world.

His signing has made his communication so amazing for his age. He is recognizing so many letters already and reading small words like cat, dog and turtle. He still uses his sign for clarification, which is helpful to me. When he is chatting up a story, he uses his signs and I can figure out what he is on about. Like tonight, daddy was telling stories and then it was Geran's turn. He signed helicopter, tree, birds, and was saying, "fly, daddy, mommy, mountain." It was cute, he was copying daddy's story from earlier. I love that he can tell stories and express himself with sign language and some words.

That's all for now.

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