Friday, May 20, 2011

Signing and ADHD

My older son has ADHD with a myriad of other learning disabilities and broken executive skills. I found that visuals along with signing helped up cope throughout the years. Especially at school, as a teacher assistant, I have seen many boys who rely heavy on visual and signing supports. Children who live with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, have a difficult time trying to concentrating on following directions. If given a list of exercises at school or chores at home, they tend to hear the first or last instruction only and the middle get lost in translation.
Having these tasks in picture form on a list, help them to refer back to the list without disruption to those around them or fighting with parents about expectations. Signing from across a classroom with slight gestures, help these children stay focused without being reprimanded in public. This is especially helpful in a quiet learning environment. They see and hear everything around them, so anything to keep them on task, is helpful.

Signing is also another way for the fidgeting fingers to find something productive and fun to do while learning. Most children with ADHD tend to like learning new ideas through a game. They are also very smart and catch onto ideas quickly. Signing can keep this distractable guy on track.

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