Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby in lap

One hand blogging... now that's motherhood. Thought I would get lots done on my baby sign language business today, while the children slept... only the two year old went to bed and the baby thought... PLAY TIME WITH MOM! Then my 20 year old came over to eat. So here I am trying to blog with one hand while baby is on my lap demanding mommy time and my old son is over my shoulder asking questions on what he can eat. A mom never gets her time.

My little rant for today.

On good news I had a girl recommend me to her Youth Parent Group as a speaker. It is a great opportunity to get my name and business out there. She also had some wonderful things to say about my workshop. I asked her to send me the testimonal via email and I want to post it.

She said that signing to her baby was life changing. She said she didn't know why every parent isn't doing this. It reduces so much frustration and makes you a better parent. She said it was an essential service.

Thanks Ashley, your amazing!


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