Friday, September 2, 2011

Baby Sign Language

Baby's need more than just a language, they need the opportunity to explore. I know I am the first to promote sling wearing, so that the baby is up on your hip or chest in the middle of conversations, but I also a believer in allowing your child to lie on the floor and explore. My baby Nash now at 3months old as of two days ago, woke up in his playpen sideways. He is already learning to move about at such a young age. My husband reminded me that you don't always have to be wearing baby. It is important to allow them to grab for toys, roll about and develop those new muscles. You can also be signing to your baby as they are on the floor. I sign play or toys as I put him down and say thing like, "It's playtime, Nashy. Would you like to reach for your toys?" I sign PLAY and TOYS only. I usually wait until he is gazing at my hands. This is a good age to have them realize that your face and hands are communication a language.

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Ciao for now and keep signing!

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