Monday, September 26, 2011

The Mind of a 3 Month Old

Yummy, that mommy person smells goood! Good morning! See how cute I am smiling at you! coo cooo.

Feed me, change me, love me!

What your trying to clean up?... no no no... feed me now!
Yummy, slurp, slurp... good stuff... mmmm.

Ok I can see your just about to start a project... now change me!

Now I'll talk and be cute and call you over to watch me... ha ha ha!
Now hold me while you clean up... hmm... getting heavy for you... too bad, I'll cry if you put me down lady.

Trying to do laundry... I cry cry cry.

I hear that brother of mine needs you... ha ha... ok I'll wait and coooo and be cute.

I see he needs... potty time, feeding, changing, book, bed.

You think your about to sit down? HA HA HA
Now ME again!!

Hold me, feed me, change me.

Oh you wanta work on the computer? k, give me your boob, I'll stay on your lap... ha ha... now I have peed on you and thrown up on on you! Go change your clothes lady.

You are my puppet!

That brother of mine is now sleeping so hold me, hold me, play with me, feed me again.. nothing left?
Make me a bottle... ha ha ha!

Yummy, yummy... slurp slurp... ah... drifting to sleep... NO NO! Not crib, I want to fall alseep in your arm, lying down... yes... perfect.

Falling asleep... so peaceful... I hear that brother of mine calling you, it's best you go now...

Good night my puppet!

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