Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can you spoil a baby?

The short answer is no. It is very rare, and as your baby grows you will need to be learning to decide when your baby truly needs something and when they want something.

A baby learns trust by crying and finding out if someone comes. If they are hungry, cold, scared, wet, will someone help? By acting on these needs the parent is teaching and showing trust and love.

For a 6 month old baby that is crying for attention, pick them up, cuddle them a few minutes and then put them back down in a seat or floor near you so they can see you. Teach, I love you, I see you, your okay and your safe. A baby should not be in a playpen or seat too long, but parents don't need to be a slave to a baby either.

The best way to keep your baby happy is to keep a routine. Have the same times for meals, bedtime, play, bath etc. If you keep this consistant, your baby will learn the routine and their body will get ready. They will become hungry right around the time you usually feed. They will become sleepy around the time you usually nap them.

I have seen this in my youngest, the 7 month old. I can always tell if he is hungry or tired based on the time. He begins get whiny at 7:30pm and I know it is because he is tired. He yawns and yawns shortly after. I find both of my boys go to bed very well. It usually takes less than 15min for both to be sleeping. They have had the same bedtime 7:30pm since my two year old was 6 months. I know that is the reason.

So, take it from my family... a musician husband and myself... we paint, draw, stay up late, we don't wear watches, we struggle with routine ourselves.... but believe me it is SUPER important to give your babies a routine... if you want any peace.

Good Luck!

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