Friday, January 20, 2012

Tomorrows Big Day

So here I am at 9pm, babies drifting off to sleepyland, ma ma hopes. I am pondering the significance of tomorrow. 

Jan. 21st the beginning and the end. As of Jan. 21st I am no longer on the Self Employment Program and like a comfortable blanket, I am sad to see that end. It was always comforting knowing that an email or a phone call away was my help line. I wish I could have used it more. I wish I had more time, but the bird has to fly sometime, why not now? Mind you flying in the freezing rain is no fun, let's hope the metaphor ended there.

Also, a big day tomorrow, I, as Sticky Hands Baby Sign Instructor, will be teaching over 28 adults at the Langley Library at 11am. It will be my biggest group yet and I am nervous. I hope to remember to SLOW down and enjoy myself instead of rushing through with nerves. I hope the parents learn, have a fun time and get excited about teaching baby sign to their babies. I want to leave there knowing I have instilled confidence and understanding.

I wish I could go out and celebrate, have a nice romantic dinner with my husband, buy myself some cute boots or something. But we don't have any sitters and money is a bit tight right now. I will have to settle for the celebration of doing an excellent job. I have been preparing all year for something like this. Having a big gig at the Langley Library gives me a lot of credability. The Parent Workshop has been in a couple newspapers and in Scope Langley online. I am getting a lot of emails and word of mouth and messages on FB about my classes now. Hope this draws in business. If I wasn't so busy trying to get everything ready, take care of my babies, help out my oldest, keep the house running, I would have written myself a sweet press release and invited them to the gig. But as it turns out, the freezing rain may keep some from coming.
I will write a press release soon and maybe have them come out to the Library when I do my play classes in Feb and Mar. I am pretty excited about all this hub. I want to ride the popular train for as long as I can.

The hard part is finding the balance between "Laundry and Ledgers" (stolen saying from a workshop) but so true. I desperately want to be a great mom, but I want to persue my career too! So hard with no family living down here for support. My husband is amazing and I can't say enough for how much he supports this dream of mine. It may not bring in a lot of money right now, but I feel the best when I am teaching!

Everything we do we do for love and it feels the best when my husband and I are sitting down watching the boys. The two year old, Geran and the 7 month old Nashville are interacting so sweet and fun now. Nash is always watching Geran and they 'talk' to each other now. Geran trying to get Nash to say words and Nash desperately trying to follow lead. Then they play and giggle to each other and pull on the same toys and fall over and laugh. So sweet. My babies are so much better than TV.

Anyhow, I rambled a bit, but wanted to get what was in my heart and head out and down on paper. So take care all and always pursue your dreams and work through the fear, nerves and difficulties cause it is euphoric on the other side.

Amanda and her boys.

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